Looking for companies to train your hotel staff onsite? We train Waitrons, Housekeepers, Front Desk Receptionists, Porters, Concierge Staff, Cleaners, Bartenders, Supervisors, Room Attendants and many other hospitality staff members for any ESTABLISHMENT. We travel to your establishment to train staff in-house!


Our housekeeping training is customized to suit your hotel requirements, allowing groups of 8 – 15 room attendants and other housekeeping staff to be trained over 3 days or even up to 5 days. Our staff motivating training programs which include theory and practical teachings will ensure that your hotel, lodge or guesthouse room standards are lifted to greater heights.


A straight forward approach customized to suit your hotel requirements, allowing groups of 8 – 15 to be trained over 3 days or even up to 5 days. Focused on improving customer experience and reducing complaints

BUTLER SERVICE TRAINING: The butler service training is a 5 day program and it consists of the following:

CUSTOMER RELATIONS– Developing Rapport with Customers / Guests • Dealing with complaints and Queries • Guest Requests • Delegation of Work

HOTEL FACILITIES AND SERVICE • Hotel Facilities Offered • Turn-down facilities • Courtesy bar / lounge • Room service • Breakfast & Dinner • Other Features • Local Services • News Issues • Demonstrating Facilities • Laundry Services • Pressing Services • Polishing Shoes • Guest Repairs • Organizing the Services

VIP GUESTS AND EXECUTIVE AREAS • Dealing with VIP Guests • Packing Procedures • Interrelationship of Cost, Time and Stock Levels • Bar Set-up • Food Service • Silver Service • Serving Cold Beverages • Serving Drinks off a tray • Presenting and opening a bottle of wine • Tasting and Pouring Wine • Opening a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine • Maintaining Stock Levels • Tidiness and Cleanliness of Guest Areas Please note that this course can be done onsite as well.


WAITER TRAINING MODULES: We are pleased to present our modules for waitrons training.

This program is suitable for staff who take and serve customer orders at the table in addition to setting up their work area/ station. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, conference venues, lodges, game lodges, boutique hotels, guesthouses, b&b’s, etc.

  • Provide customer service • Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls • Describe layout, facilities and services of the organization • Communicate verbally • Maintain effective working relationships with other staff members • Maintain a safe and secure working environment • Maintain a healthy, hygienic and professional appearance • Prepare and clear areas for table service • Provide a table service • Provide a table drink service • Perform basic calculations • Provide a carvery / buffet service • Provide a silver service • Serve bottled wines • Provide a room service.


Our Restaurant Skills Course is a 5 day program and can be done onsite. This course is suitable for any hotel, lodge, conference venue, wedding venue and restaurant wishing to step up the restaurant service to 5 star! Here’s what it consists of:

  • Essential Requirements • Dress and Appearance • Compliments and Complaints • Knowledge of your work • Ten Golden Rules • Service in General • Preparing for Service • The Waitron’s Approach • Explanation of a “Cover”  • Selling • Basic Restaurant Equipment • Laying Tables and Covers • Carrying • The Diceboard • Basic Rules • Serving the Courses • Different Types of Restaurant Service • Crumbing Down • Changing an Ashtray •A to Z Tea and Coffee Service Procedure • Relaying Tables • Restaurant Station Clearing Procedures • Menu’s


A guest’s dining experience is not complete without proper wine service. A server is not maximizing income opportunities without proper wine service skills. A meal is not truly complete without the accompaniment of wine. Proper wine service brands a restaurant and ensures repeat clientele and positive reputation. Guests will return often and recommend the place to their friends, thus causing the restaurant and the team members to prosper. Secondly, the sale of a glass or a bottle of wine adds to the guest’s check thereby automatically increasing tips. Thirdly, wine adds to the profit of the restaurant.

This basic wine service training is a 5 day program and consists of the following topics: Common Questions about Wine How Wine is made, Harvesting, Crushing, Fermentation, Aging, Racking and Bottling.

How Champagne is made Wine Tasting Appearance, Aroma, Taste, Balance, Finish, How to read a wine label Vintage, Date, Winery, Name and Location, Geographic Designation, Alcohol content, How to sell wine, Serving and Presentation of Wine, Temperature, Timing, Presentation, Glossary of Wine Terms.

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